Re. PythonCard - was Re: Event-driven GUIs ...

Kevin Altis altis at
Tue Jun 19 22:08:35 EDT 2001

I think it is at least worth discussing in more depth and organizing the
various ideas, goals, what people do and don't want, etc. If someone that is
already familiar with setting up a project on sourceforge or another space
could go ahead and do so that would be great. If that won't give us a mail
list or some other form of threaded discussion forum, then we could just
create a Yahoo groups list, set up a manilasite, etc.

Given what people have said so far I think we have at least two if not three
different goals in mind.


"Ron Stephens" <rdsteph at> wrote in message
news:3B2EADB0.9DBC6FC8 at
> Of course, each person undoubtedly has a different set of concepts in mind
> when he thinks of "PythonCard"..still, an intriguing amount of interest in
> hours...

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