memory profiling

Geoffrey Gerrietts geoff at
Tue Jun 12 21:33:32 EDT 2001

I'm sure this question has been asked and answered a few times now, but I
can't seem to find an answer for it, either in the FAQ or in the newsgroup

How do people do memory profiling in python? I'd like to compare, for
instance, the memory consumed by a dictionary-based approach versus a list
or tuple based approach. I've seen the tool in mxTools, sizeof, which is
nice, but that doesn't seem to address the big "random" factor, the empty
pointers in the dictionary.

Does a tool exist that will let me measure this in some reasonably
straightforward way? Are other people doing any kind of memory profiling, or
do folks just "eyeball it"? Am I missing something blatantly and plainly
obvious that I should be embarassed for not seeing?

Thanks in advance,

Geoff Gerrietts <geoff at>
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