need code to gen all bit possibilities for 64 bits

Tim Roberts timr at
Sun Jun 3 06:21:28 CEST 2001

grante at (Grant Edwards) wrote:

>In article <serbhtsuij5m0mpsib1tvksrpemcpcceic at>, Tim Roberts wrote:
>>The easiest way to generate all possible 64-bit patterns is to count:
>>i = 0L
>>while i < (2L ** 64L): print i
>>Printing 18 quintillion numbers is going to take a very, very, VERY long
>>time.  At one per microsecond, I get about 500,000 years.
>I think the while loop above is going to run longer than
>500,000 years.  :)

Whoops.  I started out using xrange, but I wasn't convinced it would handle
longs.  That's what I get for being a smart aleck.
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