I had a thought ... (I know, call the newspapers).

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Sun Jun 3 22:06:05 EDT 2001

[Alex Martelli]
> I don't think anybody's really using it, though. I could
> be wrong, it's hard to get precise statistics, but for
> what I can judge from typical VB snippets seen around
> they seem to be using the convenient notation (which, I
> think, maps to floating-point) anyway.

[Don Dwiggins]
> See http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q172/3/38.ASP for
> one use of Currency having nothing to do with money.

Cute!  In an earlier, unrelated thread, we learned that the Currency type is
really a 64-bit int, conceptually scaled by a factor of 10000.  The
performance counter API uses 64-bit ints directly.  So they're the same
thing, except that the VB code at the link has to fiddle around multiplying
the Frequency value by a magic 10000 to get VB to *treat* the value like a
real 64-bit int.  OTOH, in (Ctr2 - Ctr1) / Freq, the 10000's cancel out so
they dare not play with magic multipliers in *that* context.  Oh ya -- I bet
all the VB programmers understand this in sufficient detail to bet the
business on <wink>.

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