Programming ASP with ActivePython [also a general Web question]

Thomas Weholt thomas at
Mon Jun 4 13:58:34 EDT 2001


Had the same problem, but before Mark Hammond ( I believe ) posted the fix
also referenced to here, I installed Apache and mod_python. Both available
on Win and *nix. Works perfect. The old-fashion-way of mixing code and
content ( ASP, JSP, PHP, PSP etc. ) is terrible to work with in larger
projects. Using mod_python I've built a set of templates, actual HTML-code
with %(id)s in them I load to build-pages with. 100% seperation of coding
and design. Much easier to work with and maintain. I'm thinking of writing
an article about the project as soon as it's finished.


"Wartan Hachaturow" <wart at> wrote in message
news:87lmn8fdmi.fsf at
> Hello.
> I've got one trouble with ASPs on Python -- they doesn't work ;)
> In fact, I did run, and it said that it has successfully
> registered python as a scripting engine.
> When I try to execute server-side scripts, they fail (saying 500 Server
> Error).
> In fact, client-side scripts does work in IE (even Calculator :)
> Since it's the first time I try to do anything on IIS/ASP, I can't even
> find the error logs (bye, bye /var/log/apache/error.log).
> Did anyone faced the same problem?
> I did included my try.asp in this message, just in case I'm wrong in the
> script:
> --
> <HTML>
> <%@ LANGUAGE=Python %>
> <%
> for i in range(3,8):
>   Response.Write("<FONT SIZE=%d>Hello World!!<BR>" % i)
> %>
> </HTML>
> --
> P.S. Can anyone advise me some nice Python web programming environment
> based on *nix? I've checked mod_python -- but it doesn't support sessions
> and persistent db connections, and I am too lazy to write them by myself.
> Zope seems to be too heavy and bloated (IMHO).
> In fact I'd like to have something really working in the production
> (for example, WebWare doesn't seem to me being in that state), fast, and
> easy to write for (e.g. also supporting features such as mentioned
> sessions, persistent database connections).
> Maybe I didn't searched too long, but right now it seems to me (poor man I
> am) that ASP on Windows is the only solution.
> P.P.S. I am running IIS 5.0 on Win2k Advanced Server SP2, with
> --
> Regards, Wartan.
> echo "Your stdio isn't very std."
> -- Larry Wall in Configure from the perl distribution

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