Creating a _light_ python dll

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> I would like to use Python as a script for internet games.
> The game will be avalaible by download only, so size really matters.
> What are the modules that I can remove from the standard python ?
> I thought of :
> complex,
> long object,

These two are part of the language itself on the syntax level, so removing
them might prove difficult.

> AudioOp,
> imageOp,
> md5,
> md5module,
> rgbimgmodule,
> rotormodule,
> shamodule,
> signalmodule,
> soundex,
> yuvconvert
> Are any of these necessary for python ?
> Are there any other module I could take back ?
> Is thread and threadmodule necessary, if I want to make a single
> thread application ?

If it's a module, it's probably safe to get rid of it (with some obvious
exceptions).  In general, if you can remove it, recompile, and still run
your game on it, then it was safe to remove.  Otherwise put it back in.

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