Python and databases

Harry George hgg9140 at fred.local
Mon Jun 4 19:06:17 EDT 2001

It is only a "problem" if you need every nuance of DBI 2.0.  You can
get a whole lot of work done using what is available in, e.g., psycopg
(for Postgresql) and MySQl-python (for MySQL).

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> > Hi,
> >
> > Does python has something like perl 's DBI?
> > I can 't find any documentation about it in the python docs.
> The problem may be finding complete implementations of
> the current (release 2.0) DB-API spec, but that depends on
> a lot of factors: are you going to make commercial use of
> it, and in that case do you have funding -- for non-commercial
> use, OR for pay in the case of commercial use, you can get
> Lemburg's excellent mxODBC implementation (if ODBC is
> what you want to use).  You can also get implementations
> for quite a few specific database engines.
> Alex

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