best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

Habib Ahmed habibcs at
Mon Jun 11 10:39:03 EDT 2001

AOA n hi ALL (also some silly guy like me, but dont mind)

u want 3d manipulation lang,
the best support is been provided by the OpenGL, it's the industry
also it is available 4 many platforms, as it is actually depends, on
the hardware graphics card/accelerator present on the client PC(that
supports opengl).
well i also used DirectX 7, its great, but 4 Windows XX platform,
about 50-60 % of ppl use windows, and in WFC,* there is a
pakage 4 the implementation of all kinds of win32s win64...... Directx
activex com+.....
u can use that,
While as far as java3D is concerned, i have known it uses the OpenGL
so get relaxed, its tooooo boooosting, great.
Use it without hasitaion.., Basic optimization in 3d
manipulation(3d-game or any type of 3d App) depends on the coding tech
Also C the Anfy Java (search on for Anfy java), i c that
and cant beleive that it can run fast this much, there r various 3d
all in java, they r nearly running/rendering at the speed that my
game showed....
So go on Using Java 3D, it best,
Also java in itself is so much optimizing, that if C++ go on
fulfilling the promise of java it could'nt be that much optimized, (i
say this coz basically i am a low-level developer Assembly).
Use it , have a great time,
And also plz inform me about ur app.
feel free 2 contact (any body):
habibcs at    and
habib1146 at
waiting 4 ur reply.......

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