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> I was hoping to do something like:
> diction['thekey']=value
> in a loop. The key and the value are not always unique, so 'diction' ends
> up dropping some information.
> On thing that did work was to embed a nested dictionary into a list.
> list=[]
> diction={}
> diction['key']='somedata'
> list.append(diction)
> diction={}
> (repeat)
> But... This makes it a terrible pain to search and count keys....

Try the other way around, i.e. a dictonary of lists:

key_value_pairs = [('key1', 'value1'), ('key2', 'value2'), ('key2',

dict = {}
for key, value in key_value_pairs:
  dict.setdefault(key, []).append(value)

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