Use Jython to make true executable?

Carl Fink carlf at
Fri Jun 8 15:05:00 EDT 2001

I'm a Python beginner, so forgive me if this question is stupid.

A common request on this group is a true compiler to convert a Python
script to a directly-executable program. (ELF for Linux, .exe for
Windows/DOS, etc.)  There apparently used to be a python2c project
which was abandoned.

Couldn't you develop your program in Jython, "compile" it to Java
bytecodes, then run them through GCC?  I haven't tried it, but I've
read that GCC can convert Java to direct executables.  

Now, I also am far from a Java expert.  For instance, would Swing be
convertible using GCC given that it's not free software?

So, is this idea so obvious that it has to have a flaw?
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