Python scripting [was: Re: emacs speedbar for python mode?]

François Pinard pinard at
Sun Jun 24 00:42:51 EDT 2001

[Boudewijn Rempt]

> Thank!  I've only just bit the bullet and started to use emacs - after
> I found out there really isn't an alternative for writing docbook.
> I do wish I hadn't put it off for so long, though.  I've used vi and
> nedit for more than half a decade...

If I could only script Emacs with Python!  Emacs LISP is not so bad, it
has a lot of virtues, yet writing Scheme or Python is more pleasurable to me.
Of course, I'm a bit aware of the Guile project.  Why not Python, then?

In these days, soon in the morning, before I'm fully awake, I vaguely
dream of big things, like developing semi-automatic Emacs LISP to Python
converters (a bit like CWeb does for Knuth Pascal code) and with this,
whatever would be necessary to replace or interface with the Emacs C
core. :-) In my dreams still, I start the exercise with Gnus or Calc,
as the result would be quite useful in itself.  Sigh!

By the way, and despite I'm awake by now, did someone ever benchmarked
Python vs Emacs LISP for comparable algorithms, at least speed-wise,
and maybe memory-wise also?

François Pinard

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