PyGame, IDE problems

Pete Shinners pete at
Wed Jun 6 01:16:41 CEST 2001

"Nick Perkins" <nperkins7 at> wrote 
> I can not run the example programs from Pygame from within
> either PythonWin or IDLE.  I am running Py 2.1 on NT4.
> ( They both freeze up )
> The examples do run by themselves, (ie not from within an IDE).
> Also, curiously enough, they do run from within Boa
> Constructor's editor.

hi nick. the problem with IDLE and PythonWin is that they
run the python code in the same interpreter as the editor
itself runs in. this isn't just a problem with pygame, but
with GUI libraries and just about anything involving graphics.
what both these editors "should" be doing is running the
program in a seprate process. owell.

i can recommend the SCiTE editor, which works on most platforms.
it has most of the editing features of pythonwin, but does the
right thing by running your programs in a separate process.

i hear komodo also does a proper job of this, but its a bit too
bulky and expensive for me to bother with.

my personal preference has just been a dressed up dos-shell
sitting next to my editor, and jumping back and forth between
them. at some point i want to make a good effort at running
cygwin's bash instead of the dos prompt :/

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