nested scopes in IDLE? (2.1)

Kirby Urner urner at
Mon Jun 4 06:55:42 CEST 2001

I can get the nested scopes feature to work in 
modules of course, using the 

from __future__ import nested_scopes

thing, but if I just boot IDLE and try to write 
the following compose function, it errors out:

  def compose(f,g):
     return lambda f,g,x: f(g(x))

There's the old workaround from pre-nested scopes

  def compose(f,g):
     """with thanks to Dustin Mitchell"""
     return lambda _f=f,_g=g,x: _f(_g(x))

but that's what we want to get away from, and do,
in 2.1 -- but apparently not when entering defs 
interactively in IDLE (vs. in saved .py files).

Perhaps issuing 

  >>> from __future__ import nested_scopes

in IDLE has no effect because we're already into
it too far by that time (whatever that means) i.e.
this statement has to happen at "the top".  Perhaps
there's a source code tweek I could make to my 
IDLE which includes the nested scopes feature by



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