Standalone .exe's using installer/builder question

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Jun 25 15:52:29 CEST 2001

Gaz wrote: 

>Im still having trouble getting standalone
>( to work on WinME, this is my
>autoexec.bat file:-

[snip snip]

>any ideas why this isn't working? im thinking that when i first run
>'' its not finding certain .dlls or something? 'cos i get more
>or less the same 'No module found' in the console when i run it!
>suggestions would be greatly apprieciated!   :)

Your PATH looks fine, the build messages look fine, so your guess looks
correct. SetupTK does make some assumptions about your Tcl/TK install.
The important thing is that the "trees" option in tk.cfg names
the directory the holds the tcl8.N and tk8.N directories. 

Some tcl/tk tools will put the .dlls into windows/system, which throws 
off the search for the tcl/tk lib files. You can just edit tk.cfg 
manually. Here's what mine looks like:

name = tk.pkg
trees = D:\Programs\Tcl\bin\../lib
support = 0
installscript =
extypes = .lib
expatterns = demos, images

- Gordon

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