SV: HTTPSHandler ??? (where is it)

Alex rcstadheim at
Sat Jun 9 10:09:10 EDT 2001

Thank you for the tip!

Regarding the patching of the python socket, does it involve a lot of
research/work (I'm basically new to sockets)?

Rolf C Stadheim

Robin Becker <robin at> skrev i
meldingsnyheter:X9O04LAsFJI7EwlC at

> have a search on parnassus for M2crypto; that has quite good wrapper for
> ssl stuff and there's certainly a replacement for urllib/httplib that
> handles https. It does work, but some report problems with memory leaks.
> On the other hand it is possible to patch the python socket code to work
> with ssl and I have gone that route and found it works well on the
> client side.
> --
> Robin Becker

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