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Carel Fellinger cfelling at
Thu Jun 14 11:37:03 EDT 2001

Jeroen Wolff <jwolff at> wrote:
> Me it is to convert an ip addresses like ( into a 32
> bits integer. Also the mask i wil convert to a 32 bit interger. Via
> converting the 4 octets into its binary representation. Put all the 32
> bits in a string and convert it to a interger. After that i can do an
> AND between these two integers and calucate the network part of it. 
> Maybe i'm on the wrong track to solve my problem.....

you might try:

import operator

address, mask = "".split("/")
mask = 2 ** long(mask) - 1
octets = [long(x) for x in address.split(".")]
shifted_octets = [octet << shift for (octet,shift) in zip(octets, [24,16,8,0])]
address = reduce(operator.add, shifted_octets)
groetjes, carel

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