How to install python on clean RH7.1 install

Brian Lee senux at
Wed Jun 20 21:13:26 EDT 2001

Ken wrote:

>I'm trying to install Python 2.1-5 onto a newly installed RH7.1.  The
>RH install was done pretty cleanly, so not a lot of the RPMs have been
>installed (I've installed some along the way, as dependencies came
>My quesions are these:
>1).  Is it possible to "upgrade" the python 1.5.2 that is installed
>with RH7.1?  (I couldn't easily avoid installing it - because it was a
>dependency for a lot of packages.  That said, I cannot easily
>uninstall the RPM for 1.5.2).

Yes, there are may RPM packages which requires Python. So it's not easy
to unstall
Python on RedHat Linux system.

>2).  If not, what way is more or less a fail-safe way of installing
>python into a new directory.  I have tried the following already:
>- installing from the src.rpm file -- the installer stopped short of
>creating the RPM file... something about it not finding a lot of files
>(that it was to have compiled).  It made it through the check, and did
>about 5 minutes of compiling, then stopped.
>- installing from the rpm file.  The dependencies failed were
>libcrypto, and libssl -- but I have NO idea where to find these
>(preferrably RPMs).
# rpm -qf /usr/lib/libcrypto.a

Try to install Python again after installing openssl* packages. I think
it was
failed to build new rpm file fro *.src.rpm because the lib files are not

Good luck!

>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
- Brian,.

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