humans and logic

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Tue Jun 12 20:41:52 CEST 2001

thinkit wrote:

> humans should use a power of 2 as a base.  this is more logical because it
> synchs with binary, which is at the very heart of logic--true and false. 
> it is more natural perhaps, to use decimal--but logic should, and will,
> win out.
Why shouldn't I use whatever base I find convenient at the moment: 2, 10, 
16, 60.... If I need to communicate a number to you, my software agent or 
PDA should convert it to whatever units you are using at the moment.  Note 
that the movement to convert the U.S. to the metric system is fading away.  
If I need to give you a measurement in I can convert it to cm, or cubits, 
or whatever.

Instead of having a single monolithic number base, or measurement system, 
(or programming language) why shouldn't we have hundreds or thousands or 
millions?  We've got these computers now, we don't need to count on our 
fingers or measure with our feets.
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