Python scripting [was: Re: emacs speedbar for python mode?]

Roman Suzi rnd at
Sun Jun 24 13:48:47 EDT 2001

On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Bud Rogers wrote:

>FranГois Pinard wrote:
>> If I could only script Emacs with Python!  Emacs LISP is not so bad,
>> it has a lot of virtues, yet writing Scheme or Python is more
>> pleasurable to me.
>> In these days, soon in the morning, before I'm fully awake, I vaguely
>> dream of big things, like developing semi-automatic Emacs LISP to
>> Python converters (a bit like CWeb does for Knuth Pascal code) and
>> with this, whatever would be necessary to replace or interface with
>> the Emacs C core. :-) In my dreams still, I start the exercise with
>> Gnus or Calc,
>> as the result would be quite useful in itself.  Sigh!
>I have had similar thoughts.  Imagine a programmer's editor of the
>calibre of [x]emacs that used python as a built in extension language
>in the same way that emacs uses lisp.

Did you mean Cool Edit?

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