the indentaion for grouping thing

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Wed Jun 27 06:26:30 CEST 2001

Anonymous <anonymous at anonymous.anonymous> wrote in message news:<3b38f4a5_1 at anonymous>...

> Like I said, all answers like "well, just use product x" don't fly because
> it's not just me that has to use the script. I want my scripts to be
> maintainable by people I don't necessarily know of. I consider it a design
> flaw to have the language dependent upon artificial solutions that are
> external to the language in order to have it be maintainable.
> Anyway, nothing will change, so is there a product like I asked about that
> validates and parsers python with paired delimiters added? Not pindent, and
> not comments, because the script has to be unparseable by python without the
> pre-processor.

Well, product x should meet your needs. ;*)


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