ActiveX Controls in Python

Bill Bell bill-bell at
Thu Jun 28 01:28:10 CEST 2001

davidw at (David White) wrote, in part:

> "Bill Bell" <bill-bell at> wrote in message
> > 2. So host the ActiveX in Python code written with the aid of 
> > wxPython.
I haven't responded to your first question about wxPython's 
functionality as compared with that of MFC because I believe that 
Robin Dunn has already done so.

> Since I'll be doing the final product using MFC, I was hoping to do
> the prototype using Python's MFC bindings; also, I haven't used
> wxWindows before, and time is going to be quite an issue - so it'd be
> better to use MFC due to my familiarity with it.

What I was suggesting ~might~ have been useful as a prototype 
for use in elliciting feedback from users and to a much less degree 
understanding the techniques that would be needed. However, it 
appears to me that you might want to make a series of versions 
that start with Python driving MFC and culminate in C++ driving 
MFC. In that case, I think you're probably right.

Good luck!


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