Review my async socket server (Caution: 5 kB attachment)

Jonathan Gardner gardner at
Thu Jun 7 16:23:59 EDT 2001

Jonathan Gardner wrote:
> I wrote an asycnchronous socket server based loosely off of something I
> found off the net created by Sam Rushing's Asyncore. I want general
> opinions on everything about the code. I have been doing Python for about
> a week now, so I want to make sure I am coding properly. If there are any
> hints or tips anyone would like to give, I am glad to accept them.
> The attachment is tarred and gzipped. The stuff is only meant to run on
> Linux, I don't have a Windows box to test it on... and frankly, Scarlet, I
> don't give a darn. =)

One thing I was wondering how to do... is there an easy to print warnings? 
In Perl you have warn "Something", but I didn't see anything that stuck out 
in Python. Do you have to print to STDERR in order to do this?

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