Has anyone used UML?

Tim Churches tchur at optushome.com.au
Sun Jun 3 03:13:20 EDT 2001

Frank Millman wrote:
> After 15 years of designing applications using the good old "seat of the
> pants" method, I have decided that, if I am to move forward, I need a more
> formal methodology.
> I have recently read about UML (Unified Modelling Language), a
> standards-based method of designing and documenting any software project. It
> looks interesting, but it seems to have a steep learning curve.
> Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of UML that they would like to
> share?

No experience (I am in a similar situation to you wrt UML), just some
advice: don't buy the O'Reilly book 'UML in a Nutshell' - it is the only
O'Reilly title I have encountered which is truly woeful (most are quite

Tim C

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