Python COM: Unable to create server-side object.

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Fri Jun 22 02:31:57 CEST 2001

Bill Bell wrote:

 From the end of your mail:

 > File "c:\python21\win32com\server\", line 448, in _wrap_
 > raise error, "Object does not support DesignatedWrapPolicy"
 > win32com.server.policy error: Object does not support 

This means that _public_methods_ does not exist.  (hrm - so why doesn't 
the error actually say that you ask!  It should!  It will!)

>>  class Short:
>>      _reg_clsid_ = "{74471ADF-9453-4135-87E6-22E1B9499B0D}"
>>      _reg_progid_ = "Python.Short"
>>      _reg_desc_ = "PythonCOM test"
>>      _public_methods = ["isShort"]

Trailing underscore missing!


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