Why should i use python if i can use java

James_Althoff at i2.com James_Althoff at i2.com
Thu Jun 7 13:50:34 EDT 2001

Alex Martelli wrote:
>Far better!  Jython's total integration with Java's libraries is
>astonishing.  You don't need to 'wrap' anything, like you do
>in CPython with a typical C library... just USE it -- any Java
>library is right there, ready for your Jython use.  I can't get
>over the detail of how SMOOTHLY it works...!-)

I agree completely.  Using JPython/Jython we've developed (and released :-)
) a family of very sophisticated B2B applications -- comprising several
hundred-thousands of lines of code -- that are in deployment at a number of
very large companies with hundreds (ramping up to thousands) of end-users
each.  The UIs had to be built using the Java/Swing libraries; and Jython
made it a breeze.  Building Swing UI's using Jython is *much* better than
doing it in Java!



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