Segmentation fault from pxDislin

Tom Loredo loredo at
Wed Jun 6 19:14:11 EDT 2001

Hi folks-

I use Python 2.1 on a Solaris box, and just installed Dislin and pxDislin.
Dislin appears to work fine; I tried the examples in Eric Hagemann's
O'Reilly article on it and they all work perfectly.  But pxDislin doesn't
work, not even the demos.  There are no obvious problems (the commands
execute silently) until one calls a plot's "show()" method.  Then
Python just dies due to a segmentation violation.  This is the first
time in my years of using Python that I've actually seen this happen!

Is anyone using the current version of pxDislin successfully?  Anyone
have any clues what may be going on from their own experience?

Tom Loredo

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