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>> > way to do it - a subroutine may or may not return a value, at its
>> > discretion, and I should be able to ignore any returned value.
>> Yes, but if I were designing a language today, I think I would
>> request you to be EXPLICIT about "ignoring the return value" --
>> explicit is better than implicit.  It IS an occasional cause of
>> errors in Python (particularly with newbies) that an expression
>> statement's value is silently and implicitly ignored...
>> Alex
>So you would prefer that functions whose return value is ignored must
> be called with a keyword ... such as in VB
>	call aFunction()
>Personally, I absolutely hate this.

Seems like you could do it the other way around...add a bit of
something to the function def to say "this is a procedure".  Should
you actually want to do such a thing... (it may be the path to the
dark side, a la "static final private void deranged lunatic spam()"

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