What's object-oriented?

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> What's the concept/logic behind object-orientation? What is it suppose to
> mean?

Different people will answer the question in somewhat different ways, but
object-oriented programs use "objects" with "behaviors" instead of just
procedures.  The video game "The Sims" provides some great examples. You can
program a general class of objects, such as "human" with some built-in
behaviors, such as "talk", "walk", etc.

You can call up instances of "human", with special distinctions. For
instance, you might want to summon up a human with no legs. This instance of
human would be able to talk, but not walk. And you could add specialized
behaviors, such as "give birth", "jog", or "grok unix".

I'm just a hobbyist, so some of the gurus here will doubtless give a far
better answer than this one, but it's a start.


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