best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

Thomas Hansen thomas.hansenNOSPAMORILLSUEYOURASS at
Fri Jun 1 03:13:16 EDT 2001
Down the Game Driver, start hitting your favourite *JavaScript*!! editor,
off you go...


It's an ActiveX object, wraps around DirectX to make scripting 3D games
I've seen it with a "need for speed" kind of game and it really works (on a

"Jacqueline L. Spiegel" <jackie at> wrote in message
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> Hi All,
> I will be writing a program that needs to be accessible over the web that
> will seek to manipulate objects in three dimensions through the access of
> oracle database.  I could be manipulating as much as 32 MB of memory (with
> respect to data only)  in space.   I would also need to slice and
> interpolate information on the fly.  I am a Java programmer, but my fear
> that Java is not as fast as it should be in order to handle such
> manipulation (assume users have at least a T1/cable modem connection, and
> are not going in by 56K modem)
> What is the best language for this ( I will need to do GUI programming as
> well).
> Although I am really comfortable with Java and prefer to go this route, I
> wondering if there is a better and faster way (I feel that Java is slow in
> general, even for 2D).   If you recommend another language, can you please
> recommend which 3D library and GUI library that I would use, as well as
> explaining how I (or the language's API) connects to the web browser  ?
> am not experienced with "Applet" creation outside of the Java language.
> You attention is greatly appreciated with regard to this matter.
> CC-ing email to jackie at, would also
> be greatly appreciated.
> Jacqueline

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