"!=" is bad form. Re: sorry....never mind

Tim Hammerquist tim at vegeta.ath.cx
Thu Mar 8 09:39:35 CET 2001

James Logajan <JamesL at Lugoj.Com> wrote:
> Greg Ewing wrote:
> > Victor Louie wrote:
> > > <> is obsolescent.
> > 
> > Really? I hope it's not taken away, because that will
> > break ALL of my code! I hate != (looks too much like
> > C), so I always use <>. Nobody ever told me I was doing
> > anything wrong!

I hate '<>' because it's too much like VB (and so many other BASIC

> Actually, for Python, "!=" IS totally bogus and should be considered the
> unusual variant.

The only confusing thing I've noticed about this is that it comes close
to violating Python's guideline: There should be one, and only one,
reasonable way to do something.  But I, unlike Mr. Logajan, decline to
challenge Guido's better judgement.  (Hell, _he_ wrote it, not you!)

[ snip ]

> Shucks, if one is going to borrow "!=" from "C", why stop there? Why not
> borrow the keywords and concepts such as "register", "auto", "extern",
> pointers, malloc, free, etc.

Heck, why not throw out print(), the '==' operator, the printf()-style
"%f" notation, and the whole dot (.) access operator just because they
were based on something C (or C++ for access op) had?  Or, just maybe,
we can get past this?

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