New PEP: The directive statement

Michael Chermside mcherm_python at
Tue Mar 20 17:12:52 CET 2001

> Please have a look at the PEP below.


After all the heated discussion going on here, I'm glad SOMEONE
finally responded to Tim's request to write it up as a PEP. Now,
as Tim points out, you'll probably hear lots of complaints about
why "directive" is a poor idea. But thanks for writing it up...
we can't have "from __future__ import" being the only target,
now can we? <wink>

Seriously, it looks well-written, TRIES (I think) to incorporate
the vast majority of what people have said on the subject so 
far, and as Tim pointed out, it was high time it got written.

-- Michael Chermside

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