I come to praise .join, not to bury it...

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Wed Mar 7 20:24:38 CET 2001

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> > in fact, just about any test for 'IS object X of exact type
> > Y' you can find in the Python sources, unless they are
> > shortcut-like 'accelerators' for a special case _before_
> > the more-general request 'please o mr X try to behave like
> > an Y, are you able to?', can be seen as implementation
> > defects, in my personal opinion.
> I'm curious: how do you feel about the automagic conversions of functions
> (and only true function, not function-like objects) into unbound methods,
> and from unbound methods into bound methods?  I'm thinking that the former
> could be eliminated entirely, and the latter replaced by a __bind__ magic
> method that allows the mechanism to apply to function-like objects.
Surely no type conversion is involved: the interpreter just converts



    class.method(instance, *args)


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