Simple Tkinter question

Mike Callahan mcalla at
Thu Mar 8 03:54:38 CET 2001

Oh, so if I use root.quit() and then follow it up with root.mainloop() it
would start the GUI again? Where if I use root.destroy(), it destroys the
widgets and also quits the loop with no chance of starting it again unless I
create another root. Is that correct?

"David Lees" <deblNoNospammy at> wrote in message
news:3AA482C0.D92E3CC4 at
> As I understand it, .quit simply exits the main loop, but leaves all
> widgets and everything else you have created, while .destroy removes the
> widgets you have created from the namespace.
> david lees
> Mike Callahan wrote:
> >
> > I know this is probably a stupid question but after reading the Tkinter
> > documentation I am still confused between root.quit() and
> > What are the differences between these two methods? Thanks.
> >
> > Mike Callahan

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