Another Tkinter question

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Fri Mar 9 07:29:30 CET 2001

Wow ... Amazing ... Thanks.  I think I just needed some confidence to try
what VB would never do for me.


"Matthew Dixon Cowles" <matt at> wrote in message at
> On Thu, 8 Mar 2001 12:08:47 -0600, dsavitsk <dsavitsk at>
> wrote:
> >I have a small tkinter app that contains a (PMW) ScrolledFrame which
> >in turn has a grid of entry widgets (it sort of emulates a small
> >spread sheet).  What I would like to do is add a new row of entry
> >widgets while the thing is running, and I'm not sure how to go about
> >this as I've already .packed them in.
> Tkinter is very dynamic: that your entry widgets have already been
> packed shouldn't make a difference. Try just adding more. If that
> doesn't work, I'd need to see your code to figure out what's up.
> >(Also, if anyone knows a better way to do this than tons of entry
> >widgets that would be great.)
> If the easy way works, I'd do it the easy way. Naturally, it's also
> possible to move the data around in a bunch of static widgets. That a
> bit annoying since you have to do your own scrolling. If you'd like to
> see some code of mine that does that, I'd be glad to point you at it.
> I've seen combinations of the two approaches done as well, but that
> was ugly.
> Regards,
> Matt

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