Problems with Irix (stack overload)

David OGwynn dog at ERC.MsState.Edu
Wed Mar 14 04:11:05 CET 2001

I'm building a visualization tool for debugging polygonal mapping trees using 
python and the python/c API. In the extension module, I have both togl and glut 
interfaces. On SUN, everything works swimmingly. On SGI/irix, I'm having 
problems. To preface, the module takes a binary file, parses it and builds an  
"Octree" object. The parser then inserts facets and octants (both singly linked 
lists of c structs). Then the preparedraw Octree object function builds a set of 
OpenGL Display lists by marching down the facet and octant lists. I say all this 
to give exposition to my delema. 

Like I said, solaris works like a dream for both glut and togl. SGI, though, 
throws up on the togl preparedraw function. When I run preparedraw function, it 
segfaults and tells me that the program has exceeded its stack allotment. I 
tried increasing the stack allotment to 500M, but that still didn't work. Here's 
another twist: I tried rloging into the same machine and everything worked fine. 
So, I can run the code if I am rloging but not when I'm on the machine.

Can anyone give me a clue?
David O'Gwynn
dog at

    "Life begins where math breaks down."

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