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Patrick Curtain patrick at swdev.com
Fri Mar 23 08:58:45 CET 2001

Count me in.  I'd LOVE a better integrated environment for development, but
retain the vi keybindings.  :)   Yes, we're strange. 

In article <3AB8F4E1.184DD9C at noaa.gov>, "Benjamin.Altman" <ben at .> wrote:

> Hello.  From the perspective of someone who already has programming
> experience, would anyone know if O'reillys "Learning Python" book would
> be better than say Prentice Hall's "Core Python Programming"?  Or would
> it be better to go straight into something like "Programming Python"?
> Thanks,
> Ben

Patrick Curtain,  Husband & Father  ( i also write software )

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