Einstein's Riddle

David Murphy dwmurphy at home.com
Tue Mar 13 04:43:12 CET 2001

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> wrote:
> }*IF* Einstein was just talking about people's ability to deal with just
> }facts, and not to make assumptions, I think 2% +/- 5% is probably a good
> }estimate.   Take a look at the first draft of the next project
> }you get *grin*
> He was. There are many variants of these, and they have been around along
> time. A lot of psychological papers have been written about "mindsets" and
> jumping to conclusions, reading more into the information than the data
> warrants. I could go on ...
> {R}


    Although I haven't read any of those papers,  i have to wonder what
types of people are inclined to make such assumptions.  i mean, for varies
activities, it might be essential.

    For example,  anything creative may require the ability to lead 'beyond
the facts' to come up with something new. (so long as the individual is able
to work back and fill in the facts)


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