iis and python

Satheesh Babu vsbabu at erols.com
Tue Mar 6 00:56:38 CET 2001


ASP with Python works really well. Additionally, Python's vast collection of
make a short work of many tasks ASP/VBScript pundits would need a compiled
COM object for.

We've some ASP/VB code. To extend it to connect to some network services
I started using Python, mixed with VB and it rocks. When we get time,
I'm certainly going to convert all VB stuff to Python.

I  use ActiveState Python..

vsbabu at erols.com
"tech" <im_cne at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:F5622749FED6DA5D.AF4594816A4865C9.16CD98F1C1FAC3F6 at lp.airnews.net...
> I am going to do a project building a web front end  while my friend is
> going to build the back end.
> The backend will be MS SQL. The front end will be a web interface, IIS 5.0
> or whatever comes with win2k .
> I have a choice of doing php or python.
> In order to use python it would have to entail cgi or ASP. Is this
> Or is there an alternative. I dont know if Zope is the right thing. I hate
> Is using python in ASP a pain in the but? Am I going to have to learn a
> whole technology just to implelment python well into it?
> I hear troubleshooting ASP pages is not fun.
> The only time I have used iis is with php and it was a total snap.

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