Help Rewriting/Refactoring/Rethinking Parsing Algorythm

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Mon Mar 19 09:42:39 CET 2001

Thanks Tim.  I'd actually downloaded it when it was first announced and
played with it back with Dragon 3 (I uninstalled it 'cause I was crashing
too often).  Re-downloaded and played with it this evening.  Don't have time
to do it up myself, but looks like it'd be quite simple to make a PythonWin
(or IDLE or Boa)-specific grammar with all sorts of neat macros (for x
indexing y, for instance).

Biggest need I can see in the project is a template using wxPython (or
Tkinter) and a styled text control (aka Scintilla) to do "proper"
update-the-dictation-object-with-minimal-diffs-and-current-context work (as
described in the source files).  From there it should be possible to start
building voice-aware editors with neato features.

Quicky script to load up the "py-commands" seems to crude by comparison :) .

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Note that Joel Gould (Dragon NatSpeak's chief architect) developed a system
that lets you script NatSpeak from Python:

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