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Fri Mar 23 15:59:33 CET 2001

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Holland King  <insanc at> wrote:
>despite the way it sounds i am not trying to set up a mass mailer program
>or trying to spam people. i am trying to set my departments system so
>that when an account expires it will parse the .forward file and use 
>addresses in there to make an alias. however, we don't like the idea of 
>sending mail to a list or to a non-existant address for obvious reason
>(especially consider how large we are).
I don't understand your description.  In general,
comp.mail.misc might be a more productive place to
ask these questions than c.l.p.

Are you asking about verifying e-mail addresses *on
hosts you control*?  That's entirely different!
Well, it's significantly different, at least.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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