Static typing (was Re: Java guy interested in Python)

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Mon Mar 12 10:14:52 CET 2001

"Michael Hudson" <mwh21 at> wrote in message
news:m3elw39a7m.fsf at
> > to spot this.  But on re-reading it falls pretty flat -- sorry!
> Actually, I thought
> #define int foo
> was pedantically illegal C++ that was almost certain to work, but on
> checking I see that it's probably legal.  I also hadn't taken this
> possibility into account when replying above; catching people out with
> the preprocessor isn't really fair...

Yes it's legal, and yes it IS 'unfair' -- to the point of making
my original post on this a waste of time (I repeat my apologies).


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