Console column Width

Nathan Heagy gervaserules at
Thu Mar 15 01:06:59 CET 2001

Yes, this does work, except on MacOSX, which appears to not have TIOCGWINSZ
in its TERMIOS module. Is this true for FreeBSD/other BSDs?


"Michael Hudson" <mwh21 at> wrote in message
news:m3snkg7n54.fsf at
> "Nathan Heagy" <gervaserules at> writes:
> > I can't figure out how to learn the (linux) console's column width from
> > within a script? That is, without using curses.
> This works for me:
> def getwidth():
>     return getheightwidth()[1]
> # Eep!  this next should be made rather more portable (ie. fallback to
> # env vars, then tigetstr("lines"), etc).
> def getheightwidth():
>     height, width = struct.unpack(
>         "hhhh", ioctl(0, TERMIOS.TIOCGWINSZ ,"\000"*8))[0:2]
>     return height, width
> Cheers,
> M.
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