the demise of 'from foo import * and its implications?

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Mar 5 17:56:54 CET 2001

In article <mailman.983806269.21732.python-list at>, Thomas
Wouters <thomas at> writes
>> doesn't from foo import * make things hard to locate at the global level
>> as well? exec/eval/import can always do this surely.
>The global namespace is a 'last call' namespace. The compiler doesn't (and
>can't, since you can modify global namespaces from outside the namespace)
>keep track of global names because it isn't necessary. Neither is true for
>function namespaces.
it isn't necessary in function namespaces either it's desirable to help
the compiler and apparently now required to enforce the constant scope
requirement. If the argument is that exec/eval/import can retarget names
then that argument applies to the global scope as well (and as you point
out) other things can modify globals as well. I would still like
regularity of expression to override efficiency as is currently the
Robin Becker

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