CfP: Babel01 Workshop on Multi-Language Infrastructure and Interoperability

Morrisett jmorris2 at
Wed Mar 28 06:10:30 CEST 2001

"Fergus Henderson" <fjh at> wrote in message
news:99or9g$6tg$1 at
> In summary, the program committee is very strongly committed to
> adhering to the highest academic standards, particularly with
> regard to integrity and fairness in the peer review process.
> We will do all that we can to avoid bias or the perception of bias.

Fergus said this quite well, but I'll reiterate:  The goal of the
workshop is to bring together any and all who are interested in issues
of language interoperability.  Researchers at Microsoft are obviously
interested in this in the context of .NET, but many others of us
are as well.

Oh yes, and my research has not been heavily funded by Microsoft :-)


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