time to invest ???

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Sun Mar 25 09:18:56 CEST 2001

I've started hanging around the edges of Python and this list after
spending about 12 months learning pretty much everything practical there
is to know about PHP and MySQL (and various other bits and pieces
including shell scripting and some Javascript, etc, etc) ... my experience
is just identify a task you want to get done and then hunt down examples,
models, something close and just hack it til it works. Approaching
programming from a point of view where you want to learn/understand
everything before you use it will prove to be an overwhelming and even
impossible task.

For example, I'm looking at Python now to do non-web jobs that PHP isn't
so great for, and which shell scripts can't quite handle. Perl is the
other option, but I tend to believe what I read here about Perl ...
Basically, I'd like to build a PHP code manager in Python which will
automate a great deal of the hack work in setting up a web application.

So anyway, I reckon you learn to think like a programmer by doing
programming ... the more you do it, the quicker it happens I suppose.


> Hello, i start to learn Python some day ago, with lot of knowledge as
> a system admin but little as programmer and i wonder what is the
> average time/hours someone have to invest to be able to use a language
> like that easily.  i talk as well about devlopping the way of thinking
> of a programmer and the knowledge of the language. please don't tell
> me theres no average, at least take the idea of a normal guy, not a
> genius and not stupid  ;-)

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