shortcut for 'self' wish

Alex Shindich alex at
Sun Mar 4 22:46:26 CET 2001

"Kirby Urner" <urner at> wrote in message
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> "Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at> wrote:
> >
> >This is entirely a social convention for publicly displayed code.  For my
> >own work, I use s for self (and o for other in __add__(), etc.).  Python
> >not a straightjacket.
> >
> I agree with Pilgrim in 'Dive Into Python' that we should
> honor the 'self' convention.  These standards make source
> more readable across the board and innovating some local
> idiosyncratic convention just to save keystrokes (or
> whatever) strikes me as self-indulgent.
> Kirby
I completely agree! The "self" convention aids readability. In fact, I would
not mind if Python were to enforce that the first parameter is always called
self. But then again, I have been known for my extremist views.. ;)

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