Einstein's Riddle

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>> P.S. What's emu ?
>A large flightless bird, whose meat is appreciated by more and
>more connaisseurs (it's red meat, reasonably tasty, quite soft,
>light in cholesterol & fats).  You can get a LOT of information
>about it from the American Emu Association, http://www.aea-emu.org/.
>(Particularly with the many recent scares about "mad cow's disease"
>aka BSE, emu meat has received a huge market boost -- it's now
>quite common for supermarkets around here to offer it, restaurants
>to feature it in several dishes, etc).
>Any association with Europe's "Economic and Monetary Union" is,
>one can hope, totally coincidental (some people WOULD argue that
>_that_ EMU _is_ 'owned' "by the German", but that's a base and
>unsubstantiated canard...).
I think we 're dealing with another kind of fish here : the lame duck
presidency of the EMU by germany.

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