learning C

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at usa.net
Fri Mar 9 05:49:38 CET 2001

Werner Schiendl wrote:
> The fine thing is: C++ still HAS the scalpel, so what?

And that's all I use.

(I've BEEN trying to avoid this argument, but...)

Sad but true, the first OO language I tried.  It ruined me for OOP for
probably five years.  The next was Visual Basic, which at least was 

I have written more lines of C than I care to remember.  C is for CONTROL.
Nowadays I use what some believe is the best C++ compiler in the world,
GCC, and I still just write C.

Frankly, if C++ works for Werner that's his business, but I feel he has 
effectively called the C lovers on this list stupid.  Rudeness is for that
other comp.lang.p* list.

IMHO being told that your favorite compiled language should be deprecated
is rude.  It's not like it's InterCal, after all.  I don't like assembler
but I would never say it should be deprecated; I positively hate LISP but
you LISP fans shouldn't take that personally.

Do what works for you.

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