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Wed Mar 28 18:49:34 CEST 2001

After using the _winreg module I was pining for the fjords -- oh, sorry -- I was pining for a more Pythonesc API.  I noticed that the Python documentation mentions that a better API may be written in the future, but none has been forthcoming.  So -- while up at 2AM with my 6-week-old son last night -- I wrote a wrapper that exposes the registry as a dictionary-like object.  It seems to work really well, and more importantly it feels more like a Python module should.

I decided to search Python-Dev for mentions of a higher-level API and found a squabble over various proposals.  Did the idea of an OO interface die last August, or is there any interest in what I've done?

(Untested) Example code:

from winreg import Registry, NewKey, HKEY_CURRENT_USER
reg = Registry()

# Create a new "My App" key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software.
reg[HKEY_CURRENT_USER]['Software']['My App'] = NewKey()

# Add some values to the newly created key.
# Note: the module only supports strings right now, but that's
#  easy to change.
reg[HKEY_CURRENT_USER]['Software']['My App']['foo'] = 'value 1'
reg[HKEY_CURRENT_USER]['Software']['My App']['bar'] = 'value 2'

# Create a new subkey.
reg[HKEY_CURRENT_USER]['Software']['My App']['subkey'] = NewKey()

# Delete a value.
del reg[HKEY_CURRENT_USER]['Software']['My App']['foo']

# Delete a key.
del reg[HKEY_CURRENT_USER]['Software']['My App']

Any comments or suggestions?  If anyone is interested in the code, I'll post it on the web.

Benji York
york at ficom.net

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