Recommendations for Python Books

Keith F. Woeltje kwoeltje at
Thu Mar 29 14:20:06 CEST 2001

If you want free, look at the Python web site page listing introductions
( ). The tutorial that comes with
Python is frequently recommended as a starting point, but I found it too

For someone completely new to programming, /Learn to Program Using
Python/ by Gauld would be a good first book, but you would need to
follow it up with the tutorial or another book. My favorite book so far
is /The Quick Python Book/ by McDonald, but I also liked /Learning
Python/ by Lutz and Ascher. Both books cover the basics, but their
organization and emphasis is different. I've looked at /Sams Teach
Yourself Python in 24 Hours/ by Van Laningham at Borders. It's
organization and content seem fine, but they use relatively small screen
shots to display example program output, and I didn't like that. /Core
Python/ by Chun looks like it might also be an OK starting point, but
I've only glanced through it.

O'Reilly has released a second edition of /Programming Python/ covering
Python 2.0, but it seems to be aimed at the intermediate to advanced
Python programmer, and probably isn't the best choice for starting out.

HTH, and good luck.

Wong Da Qiang wrote:
> Just a newbie to programming and python, need some recommendations on books
> to buy

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